Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Website!

If you have not already gone to our new website, head there now! The URL is the same but we have done extensive changes to the look and content of the site! We are really excited and hope you enjoy the new site!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Inspired by Kim Kardashian: Old Hollywood

We are currently inspired by the bold, beautiful business mogul Kim Kardashian. After her fiance Kris Humphries proposed on May 18 the wedding world stirred. It turns out America will have it's own wedding on the century! This engagement really got me to think about Kim's style which is so iconic. I love the idea of an old Hollywood wedding. There is nothing more elegant. The glitz, the glamour! Its all so graceful and luxurious! Imagine tons of glitz, feathers, glamour, flowers and Hollywood's A list coming together to create Kim and Kris's dream day! The nuptials are going to be televised. This will allow all of Kardashian's fans to celebrate with the happy couple! I personally can't wait to watch!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pretty Peacock Paperie’s First Giveaway!

Hello everyone! To celebrate our first milestone of reaching 100 followers on Twiter! We are giving away tons of prizes! If you are a bride or planning an event please feel free to enter. Here is how you enter:

1. Follow our blog AND/OR
2. “Like” us on Facebook:

3. Reply to our post and tell us how you met your significant other OR tell us about your event
4. Enter by July 9th, 2011
5. Winners will be announced on Monday July 11, 2011

The contest is simple! If you know of anyone in need of any of the prizes simply enter! You must follow all of the steps in order to win the prize!
Grand Prize: 50 free invitations or Save the Dates from Pretty Peacock Paperie
Second Prize: 25 Free Invitations or Save the dates from Pretty Peacock Paperie
Third Prize: $20 Gift Card to Michaels Arts and Craft Store

Thursday, May 26, 2011

MOB, Can’t Live With Her Can’t Live Without Her!

She is the woman that will get even more emotional when you find your wedding dress. She is even more annoyed when the wedding planner does not stay on task. She is your mother and you love her. No one can take the place of a caring mother when planning a wedding. At times the stress of a wedding can bring out the “zilla” in any person including your mother. What can you do in a situation like this?
1. The first thing to do is appreciate her! Who else will help you ten minutes after a fight? Realize that your mother wants only your happiness. In most cases, she is the one other person that cares as much as you do about having the perfect day!
2. Take a day off! Have a girls day out just the two of you. Go to lunch, have a spa day, etc. Do something that just the two of you can do with no distractions.
3. Have a mature talk with her about the importance of the wedding vs. the feelings of family members. Make a mutual agreement to monitor frustration and stress in the planning process. Its not fair to take it out on each other.
4. Finally, create a list of tasks that she can specifically handle. This task list she can complete on her own and from there she can report back to you. This will ease stress on everyone’s part.
Overall, keep in mind the goal of a wedding is to celebrate love. There should be no fighting on anyone’s part. Again, the process should be fun and one that everyone enjoys!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How to involve your groom!

A close friend of mine mentioned that planning her wedding has become very difficult. Her fiancé was not responsive at meetings and often seemed bored. She then went on to say how lucky I was to have my husband overseas while planning our wedding. The latter is not true. I told her that Military brides are not lucky and it often becomes painful to plan your own wedding. So, here are some rules when including your hubby to be:

1. Be appreciative first and foremost. There are brides out there who have to plan their wedding on their own. Just think you have your fiancé right by your side at meetings. What if you had to explain why your husband to be was not at every single vendor meeting?
2. Include him where it counts! Guys are interested in certain things. At almost every meeting there will be something that he is really interested in. Meeting with the venue today? Have him head to the bar to try your signature cocktail! Doing the registry tomorrow? Let him scan and pick out the knives and BBQ set! Going to the baker next week to choose your wedding cake? Let him choose the flavors and sample the new popular beer flavor!
3. Give him tasks to complete and report back to you with. Another thing that grooms like to do is plan the honeymoon! So, give him full control of this. It will make him feel invested besides the feeling of only investing money. Other tasks can include picking out the menu and planning the rehearsal dinner. These are tasks that progress can easily be tracked and also have definite deadlines. This makes it easier for you and includes your fiancé.

Overall, it is important to include your husband to be. After all, its his day too! Making him feel like he is a part of this creation will only reap good rewards.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mood Board for Jennifer

Here is a mood board for one of my newest brides!

Pictures from the I-Do Bridal Show on Sunday

As you all know I attended the I-Do Bridal Show on Sunday. It was at the Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater Florida. I must say that Debbie Libert owner of DD's Blooms in Clearwater has out done herself! The show was amazing! Over 50 vendors arrived to showcase. The room was packed and looked beyond amazing!